About Me


My name is Ryan Robert Langley. Born in 1996 and realized I wanted to be a journalist in 2012. Only took me 16 or so years. I am a musician, a sportsman, a student, a worker and most importantly; an aspiring journalist.

I attended Upper Swan Primary School, in which I was a nervous kid leading up to grade six. From then on out I worked on getting the better of my nerves, which I did successfully, and striving for roles of leadership in the final years of primary school, which I managed to do successfully. Leading into high-school, I was loud and energetic, I played for the school basketball team and tried to be an all-round friendly individual to my peers. I helped introduce the Choose Respect campaign at the school in my final two years, and went on to become Head Boy for my final high-school year.

I believe change is necessary in an individual, but only when the change is to better yourself and is your own choice. I try to be confident in everything I do, even when I am lacking confidence, because I believe confidence is the key to success. A close friend and old teacher told me to “Fake it, till’ you make it!” Something that is now applied to my everyday life.

My thoughts are my own and my writing is a representation of those thoughts.

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