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Thinking Outside the Box

IT was 11.59am, and by now a sizable crowd had gathered around the big, wooden mystery box that for days had piqued the imaginations of Ellenbrook residents.

Children ran around laughing while parents talked with their neighbours, all waiting in anticipation of what was about to occur.

As the clock struck noon, 20 eager volunteers pressed the red buttons, which prompted a horn to sound and puffs of smoke to rise from the open box.

Met with cheers, Perth band Boys, Boys, Boys launched into a song among balloons and confetti bombs, starting an impromptu neighbourhood party.

But no one was officially invited; social media-driven curiosity drew the crowd after the box was placed in the Malvern Springs park days earlier with a set of simple instructions painted on.

Read the full article here.

This is one of the first articles I wrote, purely for the sake of writing an article, that was published in a professional paper. The article shows my ability to work solo in an unknown environment and with few things at my disposal to help me. I arrived at the event with nothing more than my phone, and thought to myself that it was a pretty big event. I also knew that Tony Abbot was visiting the swan valley area, so the odds of my local community paper having someone reporting on the event were slim.

I used this to my advantage and spoke to as many important people I could find at the time. I accidentally tried to interview Sara Polanski from channel 9 news. She pointed me in the right direction and from there I spoke to PR people, and heads of the industry. I decided the angle I would for for on the spot and based my interview questions around that angle.

I think this is a good example of my ability to work on my toes on an article that has little preparation behind it. My ability to gather my bearings is shown and after finishing the article, I got in contact with the local paper and basically said, “Did you have someone at this event, if not, would you like the article i wrote that covered the event.” While I didnt receive money or anything for the article, I did get a byline which is great for my resume and portfolio.

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