General Journalism

General journalism is the bread and butter of the industry. I feel as though it is something that can only be perfected with years of experience.

The following subsections feature several articles I have written that I consider to be general journalism pieces. The three articles I have chosen are; My first article ever written in year 10 of high-school. My first current affairs article that I did for my second year at university, and my first freelance article that got published in a professional/community newspaper.

The reason I chose these articles is because they each display my ability to succeed at a new writing style for the first time and work under time restrictions/medium to high pressure environments. One day I wish to look back at these articles and either re-write them after being in the career for a few years or compare them to similar pieces I write during my career.

My ability to adapt in certain situations and work in pressure environments is a skill that I display in everyday life and is a skill that I think is essential for the industry I wish to go into.

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