Personal Goals

When you are younger you set yourself goals. You dream big and believe that one day you can make those dreams come true. When I was 10 years old, I dreamed of being a video game designer or professional player. Almost a decade later I have new dreams and new goals. All of which are more than achievable.

When I first started my university degree, I asked myself what I thought I would be doing after I completed my degree. One of my goals was to travel another country, writing freelance for several publications. It was an far cry from what I wanted as a 10 year old, but still a big dream all the same. Now, I want to pursue a career in sports journalism. I want to report for a National Basketball League team at some point in my career. I aim to one day make it to an Olympic games and report on whatever sports I can. My career mission is to make a name for myself and to not be a generic reporter.

Overall my goals are relatively simple. I want to be known. I want my writing to excite readers and to draw readers in. I want to better myself, day in and day out and improve as a journalist with every new article I write.

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