Cup Final Glory

Cup Final Glory for Gulls

Before you see this first article you should first know the story behind it.

At the time of me writing the article, I had been with Sorrento for around 4 months. I had reported on their FFA Cup final game against state A-League team, Sydney Football Club which has been one of my biggest achievements in Journalism to date. I had been learning how to improve my writing with help from Jonathan Cook at university as well as an old high-school teacher who got me the position with Sorrento in the first place.

I feel my writing in this article is more concise and the angle I took in my opening hook, regarding the retirement of Todd Harnwell was also a smart angle to take. His loyalty to the club and legacy he created in his 19 years with the club was considered quite a feat and I definitely thought it was something to talk about. The photo I took was a good photo to end the season for the club and something that shows the success of the team and the emotions they felt after winning the big game.

BY RYAN LANGLEY | Long time Sorrento Football Club striker signed off on an epic career last Saturday, scoring the winning goal against Perth Soccer Club to help the Gulls capture the State Cup.

Sorrento won their third Cup Final in five years

Harnwell who has been with Sorrento for all 31 years of his footballing career, played his 443rd match and scored the winning goal for the Gulls.

“It didn’t matter if I scored or not, but to get a goal is a fairy tale,” Harnwell said. “Lifelong friends have been made… I’ve known some of the guys like ‘Macca’ (Steve McDonald) for 20 plus years.”

Harnwell started his football career at the age of 4 and played with Sorrento FC for the entirety of his state career, with stretches at Perth Glory and Sengkang Marine FC in Singapore.

Harnwell, who is a teacher at Christ Church Grammar and has a third child on the way says he wants to focus on both his career and his family, but will still make appearances at Sorrento.

Harnwell has made Sorrento a family club with his brother Jamie coaching the first team and his father, Derek as president of the club.

Head coach Jamie Harnwell praised the efforts of his younger brother.

“Todd could have had a hat-trick today,” Jamie Harnwell said. “He gives everything he’s got and has become a better player with age. He could easily go around again, but it’s a shame he won’t be there next season.”

The game against Perth City was the third Cup win of Todd’s career and the third win in five years for the Gulls, having won back to back in 2011 and 2012.

Sorrento Captain Daryl Platten said the Cup win came down to smart decision making from coach Jamie Harnwell and it was by far the biggest achievement of his own career so far.

“The guys had to do it for Todd’s last game and for (Jack) Eades who had to fly home last week, “Platten said. “We wanted it more and at the end of the day I think Jamie got his tactics spot on.”

Coach Harnwell will now head to South Australia to begin his role as head coach of the Adelaide United W-League team but said he will be back to coach Sorrento next year if the club will take him.

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