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This was the first article I wrote for Sorrento. I remember being nervous and excited all at the same time. For my first article I knew I wanted to get an interview with head coach, Jamie Harnwell. The reasons for this is because I thought being known by the coach of a team, and having a good reporter-coach relationship is essential to successful interviews.

Because I spoke to Jamie, I decided my second interview/quote should come from the opposing teams coach. The reason for this is because it built on a rivalry between Harnwell and Coyne that was already prevalent. Bayswater and Sorrento have history for going back and forth between winning and losing so it was good to have two conflicting interviews.

I think the article was very substandard in the sense that it took the easy angle which was basically a post game match report. After this article was published I tried to follow the angle of a player or an event that occurred in the game, and this change can be seen in my most recent article I wrote for the club at the end of their season.

Sorrento to Prove Point Says Harnwell

By Ryan Langley11275284_10206915269981516_2083123924_o

The Sorrento Gulls went up against the PS4 National Premier League West Australian leaders on the weekend, but could not pull through as Bayswater City took the match 5-0.

Heading into the match, Sorrento Head Coach Jamie Harnwell said the game was business as usual and his team needed to play to their potential to get the result.
Conceding a goal early on in the first half from Bayswater’s Brian Farrell however, put the team on the back foot after only 15 minutes.

This didn’t go unanswered, with the Gulls having a few good looks throughout the course of the match, including a strong header from Jason Mirco.

Bayswater coach Chris Coyne thought the game was even in the first half but said things could have been different had Sorrento scored one of their early chances.

“We changed from a diamond to three in midfield for the second half and I think we dominated,” he said. “Goals change games, it could have been a different story, but that’s why you have a good goalkeeper.”

Sorrento have had a good run against the champs in the past, winning three of the last six games against Bayswater and forcing a tie in their last clash, but unfortunately history did not have a say in this one.

Harnwell was disappointed in the result and said the boys didn’t turn up on the day.

“We’ve been good the last few weeks… but Bayswater dominated in every department and deserved to win quite comfortably,” he said.

Sorrento are set to clash with Balcatta next week at home and Harnwell says they will want to prove a point after the loss and use that as motivation for next game.

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